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Friday, 27 February 2009

Yet more socks.................

Yes, another pair LOL These are using up some of the ill-fated Freedom Spirit that refused to be knitted into any shape or form of jumper.............the rest is being put into a waistcoat fro me, and a hat for MrL, but I suspect I'll have enough for a hat for me too. These are for MrL.
I've had an invite to join the Sockamania group, so looking forward to getting involved with that.

Shame I've only got two feet.....LOL
This weekend, I've dishcloths to catch up on, a bit more ont eh waistcoat, and start the middle of the Shetland shawl. This one is done in a lovely fawny shade of brown, to replace the one I started in cotton, which I wasn't happy about. I've completed the border, so need to find my right sized circular and get the 300+ stitches up and running. I spent an hour or so spinning more of the Jacob for MrL's scarf too, so that's nearing the casting on point. Bit late in the year, but at least he'll be ready for autumn!
Also on the list is the Knitty nightcap for a bit of historical interest.

Tomorrow is Guild day, so I have masses of paperwork to organise for that, list of things to take and not be forgotten; wonder if there'll be any bargains ont eh sales table/ I'm sure I'll find something............

I ordered some Koolaid for dyeing yesterday, and a heap of seeds for getting my long-awaited dye garden off the ground (into the ground?); I was also thrilled to bits to find a purchasable pattern for Elizabeth Zimmerman's Surprise jacket - one in childrens' size, one in adult size, so they should be with me shortly. I've a notion they will suit the Kauni yarns very well, so that's probably on the cards.

Really enjoying ravelry too - I have a large queue now! It's great to be in among such enthusiastic knitters with such imagination. Some of the stuff coming out of America especially is so inspiring, and people are very generous with sharing aptterns, information, advice etc. Great fun, I spend a lot of time, there (knitting whilst browsing, ofcourse:) )

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