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Playing hookie

A separate page for my crochet, as have fallen back in love with it!


- and another one!


   Now finished :)

The retro and cream blanket is finished, bar sewing the ends in, am really pleased with it

Updates on blankets:

The individual square are finished now, and I'm waiting for delivery of a nice cream wool to edge and finish them, then put them together. Not sure f another colour will be added for the borders, will  think on that when it's put together.  The big granny square is a sheer delight to me - very colourful and bright, just how I wanted it :)

Ah..................   the colourful balls below have been purloined for blanket making lol  I want to make lots of beautiful and colourful blankets for my new home, so have made a good start.  One is being made up of separate granny squares, with the odds from that being used up in one great big jazzy colourful scrappy one.  Pleased with them so far :)

Found this pattern on Ravelry via Facebook, and the wool arrived in the post this morning. I bought a mixed pack of small wound balls in lots of colours, will be useful for many other things too.  Buttons are ordered as well now :)

Crochet snowflakes :)

These are the result of a wee crochet freebie that came with the latest issue of  Simply Crochet ; some very pretty white yarn with a lovely silver sliver through it, which sadly doesn't show up in the photo, and a nice turquoise hook.  Simply Crochet is a good investment, some lovely inspiring stuff, well written, good clear pics and it keeps me up to date with what's going on in the world of crochet :)


Will be doing this I think, it's lovely :)

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