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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Knitting in summer......

I'm still knitting, Admittedly, I'm not knitting as much at thsi time of year as I do in the autumn/winter. Sometimes it's just too hot to knit, the wool and needles getting sticky, frustrating when I want to get on with something. The other reason is the garden, combined with lighter evenings taking up more of my time. However, I've just cast on and started a new beret for the autumn; it's the North Star Tam from Arctic Lace by Donna Druchanas;lovely pattern to knit, I'm really enjoying it.

OH has finally got around to repairing my drum carder, so that will be in action later this week, as I've a lot to do for various projects. The other pic is the last pair fo sock off the needles, I need to get some more cast on, it feels strange being sockless lol