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Monday, 27 July 2009

Kaffe Fassett's Design Line

I've started a new pair of socks for MrL using this wool - Regia is always good to knit with, but this one is particularly hard to put down as the colours are so lovwly. Managed to get the wool reduced price in a sale, but never mind paying full price for sock wool LOL

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Finding Tamsyn G

We had a quick detour into Gillingham this afternoon on our way up coutnry just over the border into Wiltshire; I finally found Tamsyn G's gorgeous shop - if you're up that way, give it a whirl - full of great colours and inspiration, and beautiful yarns - much stroking was done! I met Tamsyn in the shop, which was lovely, and felt very drab beside her - she was wearing some of her shop, I'm fairly sure LOL The pic show the knitting outside on theh bay trees in the planters - wonderful! I'd been toying with the idea of doing some for my garden here, so will be tackling that next week I hope. That'll shake the neighbours up a bit LOL - they need it here, and it will certainly add something to the garden. Good way of using up scraps of gorgeousness too small for much else I think as an added bonus. Will report back, lots of ideas going around in my head......

Thursday, 23 July 2009

More small knittings

I seem to have been doing a bit less knitting than usual lately, and smaller things too. I've finished two orders for dishcloths and a retro -style tea cosy, so they're done and ready for the off tomorrow. Got sock withdrawal symptoms too, so did another pair for me from some wool that was being used for a jumper I fell out of love with and wasn't really very interesting - either to look at or to knit. I did cast on a cotton cardigan last night, for me, to have a bigger project on the go; it's going well so far. Duck egg blue cotton with pink and white cabbage roses along the borders, and a lace edging. I think I picked up the pattern in a charity shop a couple of years ago, but am hoping it turns out well, the colours are beautiful. I find intarsia with 4 ply cotton a bit awkward and slippy to do, so will Swiss darn the white and the green leaves when done. Finding it hard to put down thsi morning! LOL