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Monday, 30 November 2009

Still knitting furiously...............

Two scarves that came off the needles yesterday. The brown is in the Manx Loaghtan wool, for a Christmas present, knitted in the Ringwood pattern. The other is from two balls of fancy stuff I picked up at a market somewhere, this will go for sale at the WI market. I have a few hats done that just need finishing and labelling, so they can go off too. Currently working on a tea cosy order,and need to finish an order of fingerless gloves - just the sewing up needed, and posting.
I have been right through the library's catalogue of knitting books and requested huge piles of them - a couple are worth buying, will post on them soon. Otherwise, it's a good way to "try before you buy", and avoid expensive mistakes, i fthere's only one (or even none!) thing you want to knit out of it. Need to crack on with Christmas knitting this week too.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Celtic cable neckwarmer

This is one I found on Ravelry; knitted for Bean I like it too, so will be doing one for me next!

More stash improvement!

The sparkly green is for a Christmas tree shaped hat for the guild competition - it needs livening up a bit, so I thought I'd make something daft! It's green Suffolk, dyed with acid dye and spun up with some sparkly acrylic (I think); pleased with the overall effect, looking forward to getting on with it this week.

This lot is for socks for OH, bought on e-bay; Trekking XXL and Opel, so nice wool, looking forward to this too.

This last photo is of the hat I knitted for the blog giveaway at Unbought Delicacies; K's lad chose the colours himself; turned out nicely I think:)

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Gorgeous new arrival

This box of loveliness arrived yesterday morning. A slight hiccup in the ordering process was swiftly and nciely dealt with by Mairi at Virtal Yarns, the online shop of Alice Starmore. This is the box of hat Trick - wool and patterns to knit three of Alice Starmore's hats; two are destined for Chrismtas presents. The qool is top qulaity with beautiful, evocative anmes - Bog Bean, Kittiwake, Solan Goose..........the names perfectly suited to the colours. I was also delighted to see that it is made in Britain, which is important to me. I've a couple of things to be getting on with this weekend, but my fingers are itching to start with this lovely little lot. I'm sure I'll be ordering again................

Sunday, 8 November 2009

More dyeing................

This is dyed commercial spun wool, slightly less than a 4 ply, but lovely to knit with. I'm using it in its original colour for the Sanqhaur gloves I'm working on, but it has dyed very successfully, better than I htought it would. Acid dyes in blue and yellow mixed. When this was done, I added more yellow and dyed the fleece in the post down there..... I suspect this might knit up nicely into a shawl, but want to do one of my own design this time, with a view towards a project next year.

Beret fest.............

I recently joined a Beret knitting group on Ravelry (yes, another; although I haven't yet knitted the designated beret from the group, I've done a couple since Thursday.
The pinky tweedy one is from the pink Suffolk and acrylic that I spun last week; very pleased with it, the wool suits the slouchy style of this quite well.

This one I knitted yesterday, using two balls from stash that I got in the charity shop for only 50p - and there's enough left to add in to another project later. I called this one Wintergreen, as I think the colours are very wintry; it'll be nice and warm to wear though, and the furry effect is fun.

Apple green fleece..............

Quite pleased with this, it's turned out well; it should spin up nicely, as it's not completely uniform in colour. Not sure what it's destined for yet, but looking forward to spinning it - probably this evening!

Friday, 6 November 2009

Tweedy pink

I've spun this up this week, very pleased with the over all effect:

The pink is Suffolk, washed fleece I bought from the Guild table last month; I dyed it with acid dye, the first time I'd used them - pleased with how easy it was, so will be using a lot more of them I think. The multi coloured is some acrylic (I think)bought from the table last year some time; this is the end of it now, but it's very effective when spun up; the two were plied, resulting in the skein in the picture. It is destined for a beret, probably for me, which is now halfway done as I couldn't wait to cast it on and see how it knits up! The effect is tweedy pink, and I think very pretty. Will post a picture of FO.
I've also been dyeing commercial wool too, one lot in a variegated green to white, dyed int he ball; the other lot is more of the Suffolk (it was a BIG bag lol), dyed to what I hope will be an apple green colour. Pictures when the dripping stops............

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Good enough to eat................

Very cherry scarf in Old Shale pattern:

Celtic cable edged hat, dyed with food colourings done too: