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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Finished bunny

Please with this one! Didn't win a prize, but I didn't expect it to, but I enjoyed the project which is the main thing.

Friday, 25 September 2009

Handspun bunny

This is kinitted in handspun Gotland fleece - not my favourite to spin or knit, it's a bit fluffy and light for me, but I've done this for a specific project. It's for a Guild competition, an item in handspun. I didn't fancy gloves or a hat again, so am doing this for a change. Will post up the finished bun when she's done; it's a lovely old pattern form one of those vintage Bazaar make books, of which I am very fond. Something quick and easy. :)

The other competition is for a 1 oz skein of handspun, so I whipped this one up. It's a mix of the Blue Face Leicester I did the hat in that was left over, and some sympathetically coloured acrylic I picked up on the Guild table ages ago. I think they work quite well together. The skein just needs to be rewound for better presentation. I don't mind not winning anything, it's nice to take part and see how my spinning's coming along compared to others - I usually find it inspiring (in a hhhmmm, must try harder sort of way!)

Monday, 21 September 2009

Puppy love.................

.... my latest commission! 10 puppy jumpers plus one for mum for a publicity shot for a local bakery. I had to go armed with cakes and biscuits in appropriately coloured packaging to match up woll colours with their corporate colours! Caused interest in the wool shop LOL. There is also a themed tea costy to be done, and a couple of other dieas to be worked on too. 3 jumpers done, 8 to go!

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

The hardest choice...............

We were in Hansons yesterday to get a ball of wool for Bean, and as an anniversary surprise, OH waved his hand about and said I could buy anything I wanted !! It was a mightily difficult decision, I can tell you LOL. Normally when I go in there I can point to about half a dozen things I'd like, but actually making the decision proved a bit harder - but make it I did and came home with some beautiful Rowan in three colours. I saw the colours together in the display, and that was it; so I've got enough for a cardigan or jumper for me, not sure what yet, but it will be something of my own designing I think, with sucj special wool to use. It's really lovely. I ordered the new Rowan book too, so that will be a treat a bit later on when that comes in. A few odd balls of end of line yarn int eh sale jumped in too, so I'm a happy wool bunny for now.
Can't wait to get started with it all! LOL