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Wednesday, 2 September 2009

The hardest choice...............

We were in Hansons yesterday to get a ball of wool for Bean, and as an anniversary surprise, OH waved his hand about and said I could buy anything I wanted !! It was a mightily difficult decision, I can tell you LOL. Normally when I go in there I can point to about half a dozen things I'd like, but actually making the decision proved a bit harder - but make it I did and came home with some beautiful Rowan in three colours. I saw the colours together in the display, and that was it; so I've got enough for a cardigan or jumper for me, not sure what yet, but it will be something of my own designing I think, with sucj special wool to use. It's really lovely. I ordered the new Rowan book too, so that will be a treat a bit later on when that comes in. A few odd balls of end of line yarn int eh sale jumped in too, so I'm a happy wool bunny for now.
Can't wait to get started with it all! LOL

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