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Monday, 22 March 2010


Yet more socks...............

Luckily I have found 3 more people who would like socks knitted for them, so I don;t have to stop! LOL

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Snowball scarf

A friend came into the pub last night to find me- she knew knitting group was on. She'd seen a scarf in a wool shop she'd liked, but the woman wouldn't sell it to her (a non-knitter), so she bought the wool and asked me to knit it. It's a fairly new one on the scene, Sirdar Snowball; I've seen it in several shops, and have seen it knitted up. It took a shade over an hour to knit, on size 8mm needles, so I was pleased to sit down and get on with it accompanied by a cup of tea this morning. I'm happy with it, it's turned out nicely - very, very soft, too. The good thing about knitting for others is it gives you the chance to try out yarns and patterns you might not necessarily pick out for yourself to knit.
I hope to get it round to her tonight, and see how surprised she is! Mind you, it's still cold enough here to need it!