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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

So that was 2009!

This is my tally for last year, not bad:

Crochet hook bag - 1
Fulled slippers - 1 pair
Fair Isle hat - 2
Scarf, adult - 2
Neckwarmer - 1
Adult beret - 2
Lace scarf - 1
Teddy jumper - 1
Knitted bunting - 2 strings
Pot holders - 3
Hallowe'en beanie, adult - 1
Toy alpaca in alpaca yarn - 1
Adult dog jumper - 1
Knitted bunny (handspun) - 1
Puppy jumpers - 10
Hats, childrens' - 3
Tea cosies - 8
Shawls - 4
Bathroom cloths - 2
Child's jumper - 1
Sleeveless top - 1
Child's cardigan - 1
Waistcoat - 1
Nightcap - 1
Hats, adult - 19
Pairs of fingerless gloves - 4
Blanket squares, crocheted - 33
Blanket squares, knitted - 8
Tin cosy - 1
Pairs of socks - 14
Pairs of mittens - 2
Mug hugs - 1
Dishcloths - 20

I didn't achieve much on my list of aims, so am off to do another one for 2010, and pop it in the sidebar; will also start a 2010 tally list to keep trck of what I complete this year.

Lily Chin's top 10 ways to hide the Stash!!

1. Tape a bag of yarn to the underside of all the chairs - who'll know???

2. Put a slip cover over a bag of yarn, stick it on the couch, call it a pillow.

3. Remove the cushions of the couch, stuff with yarn instead.

4. There are narrow books that don't reach all the way to the back of the bookshelves. That dead space behind such books is good for several skeins.

5. Do you wear ALL of your shoes at the same time? No, stick a skein of yarn in each unworn shoe (boots are great for this very reason).

6. Everyone has clothes in the closet that are never, ever worn. Sew up the bottoms of the garments,insert yarn. Do not forget to sew up bottoms of sleeves. There's enough in each sleeve for more than a bag's worth.

7.Never cook, only order take-out or go to restaurants. You've now got the whole oven!

8.Look to the china cabinet. That large soup tureen? Maybe a bag. Large teapot? A few balls. Covered dish? The same.

9. The freezer is advantageous for fuzzies such as angora or mohair. Make sure to place in plastic bag first. This is known as the high-fiber diet!

10. Get a really large box and fill it up with lots and lots of yarn. Put a tablecloth over it. Voila, instant table (but you can't get your feet underneath it).

This is taken from the lovely "For the Love of Knitting", ed Kari Cornell; really made me smile (and yes, nod my head!)

Another KAL from Ravelry!

I couldn't resist starting this one - a lace shaw/stole, done over 12 months with 12 "clues" throughout the year. I got engrossed in this one yesterday, and completed the whole section, some whilst cooking supper, the rest in the pub at knitting group. The yarn is knitting up beautifully. I wouldn't normally use an acrylic for this sort of thing, but the colours are really nice, I think. I think there's some cotton in the mix too, it hangs and drapes nicely. Factor in the bargain of 50p for the cone in the charity shop, and I'm well pleased with it!

Monday, 18 January 2010


Knitted these up in a hurry over the weekend for a birthday present for someone; the colour is much deepr and richer than it looks, and this is a particularly pleasing pattern when knitted up, so will use it again. A good basic pattern, ripe for customising!
There is just the hood to do on the Viking jumper; socks still on the go for OH; wool arrived for Smahain tee, also some other stuff at a price I couldn't resist - 59p per ball!
Stashbuster getting added to as I find bits and pieces of chunky to add in.
More spinning and work done on Poets Calendar project wool too, so, all in all, pleased with progress.:)

Monday, 11 January 2010

Viking jumper

This one's for me, from Yarn Forward magazine. Not the recommended wool, but some heavy Aran I've had for 2 years+ now. I bought it for a jumper for OH, but I didn't like the way it turned out with Aran patterns on it, so that was shelved, until now.
Big over jumper type thing, with a nice cable design on the hood. I've never had a hoodie before LOL

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Little bit of spinning

Haven't done any for a while, so got my hand back in last night with this rather lovely blend of merino and silk; actually bought as part of a kit for a nuno felted scarf, but I decided, in my wisdom, it was far too nice for that!
Not much - about 27g, but enough for a hat band or edging of some sort. Gorgeous colours.

My First Zimmerman...........

I've joined a KAL group on Ravelry to knit my way through the Almanac, starting with the Aran jumper for January. Quite a challenging apttern to sort out and set up, needed reading through quite a few times before I really "got it" enough to cast on. Now started, i"ve just doen the increases and will be working my way up the body now.