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Friday, 25 September 2009

Handspun bunny

This is kinitted in handspun Gotland fleece - not my favourite to spin or knit, it's a bit fluffy and light for me, but I've done this for a specific project. It's for a Guild competition, an item in handspun. I didn't fancy gloves or a hat again, so am doing this for a change. Will post up the finished bun when she's done; it's a lovely old pattern form one of those vintage Bazaar make books, of which I am very fond. Something quick and easy. :)

The other competition is for a 1 oz skein of handspun, so I whipped this one up. It's a mix of the Blue Face Leicester I did the hat in that was left over, and some sympathetically coloured acrylic I picked up on the Guild table ages ago. I think they work quite well together. The skein just needs to be rewound for better presentation. I don't mind not winning anything, it's nice to take part and see how my spinning's coming along compared to others - I usually find it inspiring (in a hhhmmm, must try harder sort of way!)

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