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Friday, 6 November 2009

Tweedy pink

I've spun this up this week, very pleased with the over all effect:

The pink is Suffolk, washed fleece I bought from the Guild table last month; I dyed it with acid dye, the first time I'd used them - pleased with how easy it was, so will be using a lot more of them I think. The multi coloured is some acrylic (I think)bought from the table last year some time; this is the end of it now, but it's very effective when spun up; the two were plied, resulting in the skein in the picture. It is destined for a beret, probably for me, which is now halfway done as I couldn't wait to cast it on and see how it knits up! The effect is tweedy pink, and I think very pretty. Will post a picture of FO.
I've also been dyeing commercial wool too, one lot in a variegated green to white, dyed int he ball; the other lot is more of the Suffolk (it was a BIG bag lol), dyed to what I hope will be an apple green colour. Pictures when the dripping stops............

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  1. This looks really exciting on the bobbin, looking forward to seeing it knitted..