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Monday, 30 November 2009

Still knitting furiously...............

Two scarves that came off the needles yesterday. The brown is in the Manx Loaghtan wool, for a Christmas present, knitted in the Ringwood pattern. The other is from two balls of fancy stuff I picked up at a market somewhere, this will go for sale at the WI market. I have a few hats done that just need finishing and labelling, so they can go off too. Currently working on a tea cosy order,and need to finish an order of fingerless gloves - just the sewing up needed, and posting.
I have been right through the library's catalogue of knitting books and requested huge piles of them - a couple are worth buying, will post on them soon. Otherwise, it's a good way to "try before you buy", and avoid expensive mistakes, i fthere's only one (or even none!) thing you want to knit out of it. Need to crack on with Christmas knitting this week too.

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  1. You've been doing all this and it's not Christmas knitting? You make me feel tired! Just finished Christmas sweater no 3, starting no 4 right now. No rest for the wicked...