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Saturday, 25 July 2009

Finding Tamsyn G

We had a quick detour into Gillingham this afternoon on our way up coutnry just over the border into Wiltshire; I finally found Tamsyn G's gorgeous shop - if you're up that way, give it a whirl - full of great colours and inspiration, and beautiful yarns - much stroking was done! I met Tamsyn in the shop, which was lovely, and felt very drab beside her - she was wearing some of her shop, I'm fairly sure LOL The pic show the knitting outside on theh bay trees in the planters - wonderful! I'd been toying with the idea of doing some for my garden here, so will be tackling that next week I hope. That'll shake the neighbours up a bit LOL - they need it here, and it will certainly add something to the garden. Good way of using up scraps of gorgeousness too small for much else I think as an added bonus. Will report back, lots of ideas going around in my head......

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  1. Was lovely to meet you :) Glad you liked my little shop. Hope to see you again soon x