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Monday, 9 February 2009

There's more to knitting than just wool and needles............

This is how the Revontuli shawl looked last night, just after midnight - aother late night on the needles.
Knitting associations
When I say knitting associations, I don't mean it in a literal sense, more that what comes off my needles often is associated evermore with the events that are happening at the time I was working on a particular project.
I recently knitted a Cold Mountain hat; I played the soundtrack whilst spinning a gorgeous bright pink wool, then knitted it up. My brown Maja shawl is the Victorian Farm shawl - I started it whilst watching that. The Revontuli is my Witness shawl - I caught up on that film when I started knitting for the KAL on Sunday.
Conversely, some things inevitably end up with not so good associations; in the past there have been things I have made that I won't wear or use as they have a bad feeling about them. I disosoe of them in various ways. Sometimes all it takes is to take the whole thing apart and re-make it into something else. Other times, the object has to be removed form the house altogether.
Strange, isn't it? :)

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