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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Felted slippers

I've been wanting to make a pair of these for a long time, but never found a pattern that made me dash off to the stash and forego the housework for (another) day!! LOL. I did, however, find a pattern on Ravelry, so am having a go with it. I have a bag of various rovings I needed to use up; I'll keep the white ones for rugging on teh peg loom I think, but the dark grey/blue etc I've used for this. Unspun,it's very quick to knit and I've popped in flashes of colour too. I'll hand full them when they're done, rather than the machine, so I can keep an eye on the process. It's nice to have a bit of quirkiness amongst the serious knitting! I seem to have joined a tea-themed dishcloth KAL for February too, on Ravelry. It really sucks you in, that site :)


  1. This is so bizarre!! I started on a pair of felted slippers tonight! Someone off another site suggested knitting giant woolly socks, then washing them in the washing machine, mouldning them to your feet and then letting them dry.

    Can't wait to learn about yours!!


  2. ;-0
    Started the Booga Bag that Dalesgirl has on her Ravelry page. Felted purse!! Next ~ felted slippers! So, will watch your progress Mrs L !! ( oh, the stress!!!)
    aka NoDyeLot