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Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Using it up!

The yarn for these came out of the bin I hauled down from the cabin the other day, except the dark cotton, which came from the scrapstore the other week. The cow cloth is a pattern I printed out from the net a while ago - turns out "a while ago" was 2003, according to the date on the print out! LOL. Anyway, here it is now, and I love this one, and think I might transfer it over to some sort of eccentric jumper in the near future, I have a stash busting idea forming already.............:)
The navy cloth, with the eyelet pattern is the first one I've done from the Cloth of the Week group; I've just joined this one, and would like to catch up by the end of January, so I have a full year's worth maybe. I'll see how it goes, but there look to be some nice patterns on there. This is in addition to the monthly KAL of two cloths. What will I do with them all? No idea..............even I don't wash that many dishes:)
The lace is the Shetland shawl pattern I started with the mothy wool and gave up on. I found several balls of this top quality Egyptian cotton (Spanish make) in a charity shop a couple of years back, and at a silly price, I couldn't leave it there. It turned up in this bin of stash bits, so I hoiked it out and it's on the needles for a cotton shawl now. The quality is superb, and it's looking nice so far.

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