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Wednesday, 14 January 2009

The knitted alpaca................

Sometimes I go off to bed at night, and by morning I have completely forgotten what I was knitting the night beforeLOL - so (mostly) it's a pleasant surprise to come down and rediscover what was on the needles! The top oicture is what greeted me this morning. We were given 100g of alpaca each at the Guild for the annual fleece challenge - do anything you like with teh fleece. I spun mine, but didn't enjoy spinning it much. It's very soft, and required great cocnetnration on my part. anyway, I got it done and plied and skeined and it sat looking at me for a week before I decided to knit an actual alpaca with it! A very small alpaca...............! The pieces are loosely knitted and a bit floppy, but when it's finished and all put together, I'll full it. The filling will be fleece, so it should felt down and full quite nicely I hope. I found a picture of a knitted alpace on the net which helped a bit, but I really think mine might be going to be unique. Looking forward to getting on with it later.
I've also cast on for a version of Kaffe Fassett's Poppies waistcoat; I did one years ago (wore it out, I loved it so much), and have been toying with the idea of trying it with some of the new self-striping yarns instead of tying all the different ones together, although that was always a good stash busting method for me. I'm using the wool from MrL's ill-fated jumper that never worked, and will do him something else, in addition to the aran whose wool is far too thick for any of the patterns I own, so will have to do my own thing there as well.

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