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Monday, 19 January 2009

Look what I found!

I found this little bundle of 3 ply pure wool in the charity shop for 50p, the most gorgeous primrose yellow. Really old-fashioned, with labels intact on 4 of the balls. Amazing what still turns up, isn't it? Probably destined for socks, I think.

This is my tin cosy! LOL. I found a savings tin in the charity shop where I found the wool; it was purple and had some nonsense on theside about saving for shoes or soemthing - bit bling! So, I knitted it a cosy of its own to smarten it up. It is sealed, and you can only get at the money by using a tin opener. I hope to fill it before I succumb to the opener! :)

This is the pink and green balled up ready to go; I'm very pleased with the colour combination i this, I think it's really pretty. Still got a notion to weave with it, rather than knit. We'll see...............


  1. Love the yellow wool - it reminds me of spring. Lovely!

    Jayne xxx

  2. Score! - great find on the thrift shop yarn. Pink and green are one of my favorite color combinations.