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Sunday, 5 April 2009

KoolAid dyeing

I ahven't doen much of this, as it's not easy to find in the UK; I did buy some from e-bay a while ago, and did the pink hats (down there somewhere!) with it. It's easy and cheap to use, but I don;t like the smell LOL.
One of the forum members on Creative Living ahd somespare, which he kindly sent on to me, and I've tried out the turquoise one already. Nice colour, but the handspun (not by me, a skein I found in my stash, from the Guild table I suspoect) turned out a bit patchy, but it whould knit up fine I think. I have a notion to knit and full with this.

I'm knitting him some socks as barter, which are on the needles, lovely grey wool which is nice to knit with, so enjoying that, first one almost done. Otherwise, it's onwards and upwards with the Aeolian shawl...........

On the dishcloth front, i'm giving the monthly and weekly patterns a rest - I'm ending up with too many at the moment, so might re-subscribe, but more likely will do my own dishcloth thing when I need them. I want to do some of my own patterns as well. Ideas forming in my head for a sponsored knit for Village Hall funds too!

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