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Monday, 27 April 2009


- is the title of a brand new book I have just borrowed from the Guild library, bought after last month's speaker recommended it. I'm the first to borrow it, and part of the deal is to write a review of it for the newsletter LOL. Lovely hardback book by Lexi Boeger, it really inspires me to be much more creative with my spinning. It suggests that you acquire the basics first, and a knowledge of how to produce a good, even yarn first - you have to know the rules to be able to break them, which I thought was a good maxim for life in general, really. :) In here, we have spinning with cassette tape, shredded paper, fabrics, beads, you name it, then knitted or woven up into really interesting and stunning pieces. I particularly love the ties, but MrL wouldn;t want anything quite so "out there", but I really want to do something like that for him, and some hats for me. Bean is mightily impressed too, and got her wheel out last night and made a start on funking it up, as it's now known at the Deanery LOL I couldn't wait to get the new sock yarn on to the needles, so I did that, but hope to start on a bit of funking it up later today. I think we'll invest in this book, it is truly inspiring.

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  1. Your blog is inspiring - spinning all those bits & bobs - I can't wait to see pictures of the stunning creations!!! Way to go!!!