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Thursday, 28 June 2012

What's the opposite of de-stashing?

I have no idea - upstashing? Stashing? Well, whatever it is, I've been doing it, in psite of my determination to de-stash lol There's just too much lovely stuff out there that needs a good and appreciatie home :)
Recent bargains ahve been won on e-bay - the huge bo of vintage tapesty wool which would knit a illion Fair Isle hats; 5  100g skeins of  very beautiful wool from Cold Harbour Mill in French Navy blue; 5  100g of handspun wool/silk in white, will be dyed I think ; a dozen wee balls of Shetland 4 ply for Fair Isle knitting, all different colours. To come - a skein of very  pretty wool from Elvincraft. Lots going on on the fleece/spinning front too, will pop fleece details in the spinning page.
I have vowed to keep away from e-by for the rest of the month. Oh, that's two days then.............  any bets?  lol

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