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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Round and round...............

............ and round and round............
Two new projects on the needles this weekend; the first is a straw sunhat for me. I wanted one for the garden and needless to say couldn't find anything too inspiring, so am knitting my own. I found some lovely raffia on e-bay at a reasonable price, from Adriafil, so ordered 6 x 25g, looks like it's gong to be plenty. I want to amke some sort of band for around it too, but not sure what yet. Pleased with this afternoon's progress, designing it on the needles as I go:

The other is the ten stitch blanket, the spiral one, from Ravelry, pattern by Frankie Brown. I'm going to knit it in all the odds from various pairs of socks knitted, so it will be stripey in a very unique way and thrifty too when it's done. This blue is the hand dyed sock yarn I did a few weeks back; the socks are done too, and will be in my Pocaid shop tomorrow for sale. Was pleased with the dyeing, it's very pretty.  I like having longterm pick -up-and-put-down projects on the go for in between moments when not too much concentration is required.

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