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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Teacosy and update

Don't seem to have been here for a while...............still knitting, though! Have finished the tea cosy for a special order, turned out nicely despite my apprehension over colour choice.

Teh green shawl is one, a nice result with lovely colours, definitely reminding me of sea glass. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the shawl display thing I had planned for fundraising is off, so this will be the June giveaway on my 21st Century Housewife blog I think. Funny how things turn out. I'm presently spinning up a small quantity of Castlemilk Moorit fleece, but it's dirty and gritty, blobby and unyielding. I've half of it done, and will only end up with a tiny amount when it's finished. It held such promise with its rareness of breed, but to be honest, I've not enjoyed spinning it at all. I spent last Sunday doing a spinning demo at a local farm day - 5 hours of spinning and cups of tea, close to heaven! LOL
This is me in action, although the camera wasn't good at picking up on the speed or movement of the wheel.
I've socks for a friend on the needles at the moment, so that's giving me some thinking time to decide what's next; might be more spinning of the Soughdown to give enought to knit something meaningful! We'll see.

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