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Sunday, 25 October 2009

Current woolly squeezes...............

aka what I'm working on.I started this on Friday, a new hat for me. It'a Celtic cable pattern, for the band, the stitches being picked up around a long edge when the band is completed. I dyed the wool quite a while ago, all food colourings; it's quite attractive knitted up, and I'm pleased with it so far. Any easy pattern of only 8 rows, but looks impressive!

It's been a while since I did a completely original design bigger than a hat, so I'm about to launch into a Charleston inspired sleeveless pullover for myslef - that's Charleston as in Bloomsbury group, not the dance lol. The colours in my Rowan stash are just right for this:

I maanged a couple of hours spinning this afternoon too - perfect indoor work for a chilly late autumn Sunday. This is washed Suffolk, spun from teh fleece, noc arding. It's nicet o spin, quite "woolly", and I'll do enough for what I have in mind, then have a go with the new acid dyes I got a while back, which I've never sued before, so that should be fun.


  1. spinning is comfort food for my soul on dark winter days... loved the spelling mistake re the "sued" dyes... must try it sometime..

    I have knitted in meetings and in Court (during periods when the Judge deliberates - I hasten to add), but I think dyeing would cause a bit too much distraction...

    hugs Shani

  2. LOL! I did check that post too...........sude is one of my usual typos, often it looks appropriate, though.............