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Thursday, 13 August 2009

Even more socks.................

LOL; another pair for MrL, these are the Kaffe Fasset ones finished. I thinkt hey're lovely, and he's pelased with them too. he's decided not to buy any more socks, so I'll ahve the sock needles out permanently I think :) Not a problem, as it's quite a handy piece to take about in a bag and in the car. Need to start on the left front of th cotton cardigan, and have two pairs of socks promised too,w aiting for the wool to arrive for that.
Talking of woola rriving, I did get a ncie surprise int he post eysterday, a cone of very pretty coloured wool in return for some dihscloths; I think I have a project in mind for it, so might at least get it on the needles this afternoon and underway.

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